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Вибратор Saninex suctioner world black nipples stimulator

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Sucking vibrator for the suction cup effect of the nipples and also of the clitoris or any other part of the body. Fun, elegant and attractive. Designed for the current and intense sexuality you want to live.

With SANINEX SUCTIONER WORLD VIBRATOR you can get pleasure in new ways. Stimulating the breasts and / or any body part that you imagine.

Saninex SUCTIONER WORLD VIBRATOR transmits the real sensation of suction and vibration together. Giving you that something else that makes your dreams come true. Its high quality, manageable size of detailed double action design, make it possible that your new pleasures are always easy to Reach. SANINEX SUCTIONER WORLD VIBRATOR makes an improvement in health and physical well-being visible to you.

  • Made with very high quality FDA sanitary medical material silicone, extreme softness and continuous lines.

SANINEX SUCTIONER WORLD VIBRATOR, is presented with maximum glamor and elegance, in an attractive bag of exclusive Saninex design.

The highest quality and minimum prices are always present in the entire range of Saninex health and pleasure products.

Its design perfectly adapted for powerful stimulation, with lines designed by Saninex, so that pleasure is unforgettable.

  • It works with 1 LR44 battery.
  • Measurements: 75x 40mm.
  • 1 unit.


  • Suction cup effect sucker and vibrator.
  • Orgasms through sexual stimulation, vibration / suction at your leisure, highly exciting.
  • For high pleasure at any time and during sexual intercourse.
  • Made with very high quality FDA sanitary medical material silicone, with extremely soft coating. Hypoallergenic.
  • Totally discreet, very manageable and of aesthetic beauty.
  • Dermatologically and clinically tested.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • 100% phthalate free.

Saninex, makes the difference with respect to other brands. Saninex holds a Class IIB Medical Health Product Manufacturing License, issued by the Spanish Ministry of Health and the Spanish Drug Agency.

Saninex is quality and safety!

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