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Happy rabbit storage case small pink

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Show your Happy Rabbit the care it deserves with its very own love nest. This silicone sex toy case is perfect for keeping your beloved bunny safe and sound between uses. It's also wipe clean and, if you pick up a padlock, lockable for reliable privacy.

The best of both worlds, this silicone pouch is somewhere between a soft bag and a hard case. It holds its shape, making it super-discreet should anyone take a peep in your toy drawer, but is squishable for squeezing into your overnight bag or suitcase.

  • Case dimensions: 11 cm x 18 cm 

Small silicone storage bag with zip closure for keeping your toys in tip-top condition Wipe clean silicone for hygienic storage

Discreet design – looks like a makeup bag or bikini pouch Lockable zips for total privacy – just pick up a padlock Plenty of room for a toy and your favourite lubricant

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